A Basketball BC Athlete/Coach membership (membership season - April 1 - March 31) includes: 

Sport Liability and Accident Insurance coverage while participating in basketball activities, sanctioned by Basketball BC, only for the following athletes and coaches:
  • if registered in a Basketball BC program/event or coaching in a Basketball BC program
  • if "registered" (listed on the online roster) on a team which is registered with Basketball BC 
    • ‚ÄčALL team athletes AND coaches MUST be "registered" team members for the insurance coverage to be valid
    • coverage is limited to the time period of team events if only registered for Club Championships (tournament) and/or Metro League (games) 
    • NOTE: Basketball BC’s insurance coverage does not include the high school season of play.  Registered teams are covered for “out of season” play only.    

Sport Liability insurance – covers sanctioned (by Basketball BC) basketball activities only worldwide with the exception of sanctioned countries
Sport Accident Insurance – covers sanctioned (by Basketball BC) basketball activites only in Canada

All insurance is subject to the limitations of the policy.

CLAIM FORM - contact Basketball BC Information

Additional Insurance - not available at this time

In addition to our comprehensive insurance coverage, we offer additional coverage for athletes and coaches who are on a Registered Team:
  • liability/accident insurance for events (camps/tryouts/tournaments)
  • excess travel medical insurance for team travel to the US (24 hour coverage). 

Additional Insurance Rates:

   Registered Team
Event (Camps/Tryouts/Tournaments) $3.00 per player/day
Team Travel to US $5.00 per person/day


Additional insurance requests must be submitted and paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to departure or start of event date.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

  •  COI’s will be available for teams registered with Basketball BC.  The insurance through Basketball BC covers only the athletes and coaches registered to the teams.
  •  COI’s will only be sent upon request and only after full payment of membership fees.
  •  Teams/organizations requesting a COI for their team(s) MUST provide a minimum of 1 week’s lead time.  Additions to the COI must also be requested at least one week in advance.
  •  In the COI request, please include:
    •  Team Name - the name should match the registered team name including age/gender (ie. ABC U13 Boys)
    •  Name of facility owner (ie. a school (if non-public), school district, municipality, etc)
    •  Email address to whom the COI is to be sent (person at the school, school district, municipality, etc)  

Note: Insurance coverage for teams is for the membership season, April 1 to March 31.  As Basketball BC's policy team is September 1 to September 1, a second request my be necessary for the September 1 - March 31 portion of hte membership season.

COI Contact: Basketball BC Information


Registered Team – team which registers its players/coaches with Basketball BC by ensuring all players/coaches have Basketball BC Athlete/Coach Memberships (through the Team Registration)
NOTE:  the Team is not a member of Basketball BC and the designation does not include teams registered for the Club Championships and Metro League