Team Registration

NOTE: All school teams playing out of the high school season of play are required to register with Basketball BC as a "club team" to be in compliance with the BC School Sports Handbook (SECTION V - Competitive Rules & Regulations, PART E7 - Out-of-season Opportunities and Competition). Failure to do so may result in penalties assessed by BC School Sports (outlined in Section V -Part E8).


All Athletes & Coaches registered with Basketball BC as a "Club Team" must have a valid Basketball BC Membership.  NOTE: the Club is not a member of Basketball BC  
Membership includes comprehensive insurance coverage (accident, injury, and liability) when playing on or coaching a Basketball BC registered team during training and comptetive events (in Canada) that use certified officials.  All insurance is subject to the limitations of the policy.    

For more information on the benefits of the Basketball BC membership program, click here: ATHLETES/COACHES.    

Fee: $15/coach or player per membership season

Registration: ONLINE ONLY
2018-19 memberships and team registration will be available February 6, 2018.

Registration questions/problems contact: Gail Wilson (9:00am-3:00pm Mon to Fri) 

The CLUB TEAM REGISTRATION is for a TEAM HEAD COACH OR MAIN CONTACT to register the team and its coach(es) and players with Basketball BC.  All participants (coaches and players) must be registered with the team and they MUST have valid Basketball BC memberships.   
To complete the registration, you will need the following information for your coach(es) and players:
  • first name
  • last name
  • DOB
  • gender
  • postal code
  • email address

Please ensure that the first name, last name and DOB are accurate.  This information is used to check for memberships.  

You will only be charged for coaches and players who do not have an existing 2017-18 Basketball BC Coach or Athlete membership in the system.

Payment is by credit card only.  Cash/Cheque payments will not be accepted. 

Downloadable roster form to help you gather player information. Rosters do not need to be submitted to Basketball BC.


To add a player or coach to a team:
  • Login to account (head coach or main contact – person who registered the team) - contact Basketball BC if you need the login info (access code)
  • Click on the REGISTRATION INFO tab
  • Enter the player or coach first name, last name, and DOB in the boxes at the bottom of the player/coach listing using the TAB key to move to the next box – DOB format is YYYY-MM-DD or you can use the calendar
    • If the player/coach does not have a membership in the system, the message “No Matching Participant Record Found” will appear and the player/coach will be added and you will be able to pay the $15 membership for each player you add who needs one
    • If the player/coach has a membership in the system, a Participant Match window will appear - click YES to accept and the email address will auto fill from the participant match - DO NOT CHANGE THE EMAIL ADDRESS - this is used to confirm membership

Online registration contact: Gail Wilson (9:00am-3:00pm Mon to Fri)

CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE (COI) - clubs/organizations requesting a Certificate of Insurance (COI) MUST provide a minimum of 1 week’s lead time – the COI will include insured as requested by the member (i.e. a school, school district, municipality, etc) and will be faxed or emailed as requested.  Additions to the COI must also be requested at least one week in advance.  COI’s will only be sent as requested and only after full payment of membership fees.

COI contact: Gail Wilson (9:00am-3:00pm Mon to Fri)