A Basketball BC Athlete/Coach membership (membership season - April 1 - March 31) includes Sport Liability and Accident Insurance coverage for the following athletes and coaches:
  • if registered in a Basketball BC program/event or coaching in a Basketball BC program 
  • if "registered" (listed on the roster) on a team which is registered with Basketball BC (ALL team athletes and coaches MUST be "registered" or "listed as team members - athletes and coaches" on the team for the insurance coverage to be valid) - coverage is limited to the time period of team events if only registered for Club Championships and/or Metro League
  • if registered with a SNYB organization (SNYB organization must provide a list of participants for insurance coverage to be valid) 

Sport Liability insurance – covers sanctioned (by Basketball BC) basketball training and/or events worldwide
Sport Accident Insurance – covers sanctioned (by Basketball BC) basketball training and/or events only in Canada

All insurance is subject to the limitations of the policy.


Additional Insurance

In addition to our comprehensive insurance coverage, we offer additional coverage for athletes and coaches who are on a Registered Team:
  • liability/accident insurance for events (camps/tryouts/tournaments)
  • excess travel medical insurance for team travel to the US (24 hour coverage. 

Additional Insurance Rates:

   Registered Team SNYB
Event (Camps/Tryouts/Tournaments) $3.00 per player/day No Charge
Team Travel to US $5.00 per person/day $3.50 per person/day


Additional insurance requests must be submitted and paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to departure or start of event date.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

A COI will be issued upon request.
Registered teams/organizations requesting a Certificate of Insurance (COI) MUST provide a minimum of 1 week’s lead time.  The COI will include insured as requested by the member (i.e. a school, school district, municipality, etc) and will be faxed or emailed as requested.  Additions to the COI must also be requested at least one week in advance. 

A COI will only be sent after full payment of membership fees.
Insurance coverage for registered teams/organizations is April 1 - March 31 (membership period).  There is an exception in coverage for Steve Nash Youth Basketball (SNYB) associations.  The SNYB membership period is September 1 - August 31.  

Insurance and COI Contact:


Registered Team – team which registers its players/coaches with Basketball BC by ensuring all players/coaches have Basketball BC Athlete/Coach Memberships (through the Team Registration)
NOTE:  the Team is not a member of Basketball BC and the designation does not include teams registered for the Club Championships and Metro League

SNYB – youth organization which registers its players with Basketball BC by ensuring that all players have a Basketball BC Youth Membership and is sanctioned to run the Steve Nash Youth Basketball Program in their community.  SNYB organizations are Member Associations. SNYB Information